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South of Melbourne, where the land gives way to the Bass Strait, is a small peninsula of rolling green hills, farms, orchards, bush and vineyards. This is the Mornington Peninsula, a boot-shaped piece of land some 45km long and just 15km at its narrowest, home to some 200 or so boutique vineyards that cover around 1,000 hectares. This is also the heartland of Shore's Reach - a collection of affordable but exceptional Victorian wines.

The core of the Shore’s Reach range includes 100% Mornington Peninsula wines, which is one of the most respected cool climate wine regions in the nation. Mornington Peninsula wines have this remarkable reputation because of their growing conditions – pockets of diverse soil, from free-draining granitic soils to rich volcanic earth, plus a unique microclimate. To the peninsula’s west are the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay. On the other side is Westernport, a deeper body of water fed by the pounding cool swell of Bass Strait. Surrounded by so much water, this beautiful part of the world is some three degrees cooler in the summer, three degrees warmer in the winter and, in places, has a third again as much rainfall as Melbourne.

Shore's Reach Chardonnay

The mainstay white wine of the Shore’s Reach range is a beautiful Mornington Peninsula chardonnay (213020) – a wine variety that is synonymous with the region. With a bright nose containing hints of apple and pear, it has just enough oak to give richness and a clean mouthfeel, along with a fine line of balanced acid that harmoniously brings the elements together. This wine is perfect to offer in a café, bistro, restaurant or as a glass-on-arrival pour at events. Priced attractively, it will sit nicely on the wine list alongside other wines and established names. Offer this as a pleasant quaffer, or pair it with rich cream and tomato-based pasta dishes, grilled chicken, fried seafood, or pork and apple.

Shores Reach blog chardonnay

Shore's Reach Pinot Gris

A beautiful, textural, white pinot gris has found its true home producing elegant wines in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula. Shore’s Reach Pinot Gris (213021) is light and aromatic, with notes of lemon and white peach that are underlined with a vibrant minerality. This wine makes a perfect match for mussels, oysters, grilled fish, or even a plate of Spanish prawns with garlic.

Shores Reach blog pinot gris

Shore's Reach Rosé

Rosé’s time in the sun seems to be beaming on, and Shore’s Reach offers a fresh, bright and beautiful rosé (213024) with notes of jasmine and honeysuckle blossom, finished with a lovely and rich creamy melon aroma. With a light, clean finish, this 100% Mornington Peninsula wine drinks perfectly when chilled, making it great for a shared charcuterie platter or crudités, a drink to pour when people meet to catch up or even a wine to offer at the beginning of a meal. It works well as a wine to pair with pizza, pasta, seafood or poultry.

Shores Reach blog rose

Shore's Reach Pinot Noir

The Mornington Peninsula is known around the world for the quality of its pinot noir, and the Shore’s Reach range carries a superb pinot noir (213022) that speaks volumes about how this famous grape variety performs in this unique environment. The Shore’s Reach Pinot Noir is a fruit-driven drink with some balanced hints of juicy black cherries and dark plums. On the palate it is a fuller bodied wine with good structure and a delicious finish, making it perfect for offering with quail, lighter beef dishes, sausages, braised chicken dishes and heartier vegetable meals. This is also a great wine to serve with mushrooms, black olives and even cheese.

Shores Reach blog pinot noir

Shore's Reach Shiraz

Another Victorian wine region with an enviable reputation is Rutherglen. Stretching along the banks of the Murray River in Victoria’s north, this warm climate region produces some exceptional full bodied reds. So, it is from here that Shore’s Reach has selected a shiraz (213023) to stand alongside its cool climate companions. Shore’s Reach is a fine example of shiraz with distinct savoury pepper-spiced notes that offset the rich, ripe blackberry aromas. This is a full bodied wine with rounded tannins, making it perfect for drinking right now. The natural food match is steak, but this shiraz loves all beef dishes from daubes to smoked peppery brisket. Offer it with a pork and cherry sauce special, a lightly spiced pork shoulder roast, or a lamb roast with roasted veggies and gravy. With its rich berry aromas it can even be paired with fruit desserts, such as luscious red berry and chocolate marquis.

Shores Reach blog shiraz

Shore’s Reach brings well-known varieties from recognised regions to the wine list at a price that is both approachable and respectable. It’s a range that is ready to pour, looks good on the list (as it does in the fridge or on the shelf) and has a story to tell about quality and affordability.

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