What are pastry bakes?

It would be an understatement to say food culture in Australia has evolved over the last 10 years. Watching TV shows such as MasterChef or walking through any suburban food court will showcase the cultural influences that are accessible and increasing in popularity. While these cuisines have clearly excited consumers, nostalgic foods such as the humble meat pie remain iconic in Australian food culture and continue to be crowd pleasers across multiple occasions.

One of the companies that has pioneered the humble pie into an Australian icon is Mrs Mac’s. The Australian owned bakery has been operating since 1954 and satisfying the increasing demand for pies whether it be ‘on-the-go’ or in the ‘comfort of home’. Continuing in this tradition, the company has introduced an exciting innovation into the category with the launch of their pastry bakes range.

What are pastry bakes? They are a pastry pocket filled with a delicious savoury filling. The bakes are wrapped in golden puff pastry, making them ideal to eat on-the-go or the comfort of home. The format originates from the UK where the bakes have become popular within the hot food category, rivalling pies and sausage rolls in terms of demand. While bakes are not new in Australian cuisine with dishes such as pasta bakes, tuna bakes and potato bakes family favourites, the new pastry bakes are sure to excite consumers in the same fashion as the UK.

Mrs Mac’s has launched a range of pastry bakes that plays across breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking occasions. 3 core flavours have been developed, these include: Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Ham & Cheese and Pulled Beef. The format delivers a bakery style look and finish, making them a convenient meal option whether it be on-the-go or as a centre of plate offer.