Whipping it good – Discover Devondale’s vegetarian cream

Whip it, whip it real good.

Devondale cream just loves to be whipped and it’s vegetarian - now that’s a big deal.

Plant-based products can no longer been seen as just a trend. When considering their positive impact on health and diets alike, it’s no wonder why these products have become menu main-stays.  To reach the everyday consumer, the health-junkies, vegetarians and the growing flexitarian customer base, many venues and chefs have taken their plant-based offerings to the next level – using specialised ingredients, like Devondale’s vegetarian cream, to create unique dishes to cover all consumer bases in one hit.

So cream, it’s all vegetarian right? Well not exactly. Until now, the cream market has typically been fuelled by gelatine stabilisers. There is currently a growing trend, in particular in supermarkets, with cream stabilisers moving towards natural options which are vegetarian-friendly. It could be suggested that there is an increase in popularity in vegetarian products that is most certainly widely adopted by the home chef when given the choice.

With a vast array of creams to choose from on the market that claim different usages and applications, understanding what’s best for your business can be difficult. Devondale thickened cream has been specifically formulated to fit the growing demand of vegetarian consumers and restaurants wanting to have vegetarian options on their menu. With 12% of Australians now being vegetarian and Australia now ranking the 7th highest country with vegetarian consumers in the world, having a product that is vegetarian, gluten free, preservative free and halal was the focus when formulating this product.

Like anything new, Devondale cream is a little bit different and needs a bit of love, we know the benefits for vegetarian options is a growing consideration in the market and this can help better you and your business to grow as you meet your customer’s needs.

The perfect pour

Devondale thickened cream uniquely has a smooth silky consistency when pouring that is similar to that of pure cream. Carrageenan-based cream looks and pours very differently to gelatine-based cream due to the stabiliser and/or thickeners added to the recipe. Devondale cream uses a vegetarian gum-based stabiliser to keep it preservative free.

How can Devondale thickened cream be used?

Cooking or whipping, Devondale thickened cream will deliver as an all-rounder. The product holds well, provides a firm pipe and yields strong peaks. When tested against gelatine-based products within the market it has recorded a quicker whip time. Under heat the product has a longer split time than gelatine-based products. The cream easily mixes through hot dishes and is smooth when simmered. Flavour and performance was paramount in development which is why Devondale thickened cream contains no less than 35% milk fat.

Cream of convenience

The stop start nature of foodservice over the past couple of years was a contributing factor behind the 3L packaging. Prevention of wastage, ease of storage such as in fridge doors and the easy pourability for all staff given the weight and smaller bottle size are what makes this product a kitchen staple.

Featured product.

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Devondale’s new 3L Thickened Cream is the perfect vegetarian cream for whipping, cooking and pouring.