Why SPC ProVital is the perfect ingredient for Healthcare

In this time of insecurity and staffing shortages, it is now more important than ever for the food industry to be providing safe food choices which support both local agricultural and food production economies. SPC ProVital provides this safety with all of their products to ensure traceability from farm to plate.

How can portion control minimise waste and increase food security?

SPC ProVital Diced Fruit in Juice and Pureed Fruit comes in portion control cups and has been specifically developed in collaboration with Arthritis Australia’s Accessible Design Division. This provides an accessible fruit snack, including for those consumers with fine motor skill difficulties. This award-winning, innovative package design is easy to grip and provides an optimised seal to reduce opening force while guaranteeing food safety.

The use of individually sealed, portion-controlled fruit cups is ideal for infection control management as it reduces the risk of food handling-related infection. It also reduces waste associated with the use of bulk formats where you would have to individually portion-out the serves. Food waste and sustainability in these uncertain times are other key considerations for all Australians.

How do I provide safe nutrition to those with swallowing difficulties?

The SPC ProVital Level 4 Pureed range of delicious, nutritious and expertly formulated fruit-based products, has been designed and rigorously tested to meet the strict guidelines of IDDSI Food and Drinks Classification for Level 4 Pureed foods. This type of texture modified diet may be recommended for individuals who have dysphagia.

Let’s talk about an uncomfortable subject.

SPC ProVital Pear Juice is made from 100% Australian fruit, grown in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Pear juice can assist with relieving bouts of constipation due to naturally occurring sorbitol. In fact, pear juice contains four times more sorbitol than apple juice! SPC ProVital Pear Juice comes in handy 1L Tetra Pak which is resealable to assist with food safety.

SPC is committed to providing better food for the future and their SPC ProVital brand is the perfect ingredient to assist your patients and customers with functional benefits for various health conditions while maintaining focus on food safety and reducing food waste.

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