Wine regions in Australia

From beautiful landscapes to high quality produce, the wine regions of Australia are unparalleled. Let’s discover those wine regions around the country known for making some of our best blends and varietals.

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley, located 70km north of Adelaide, is one of the most well-known and diverse wine regions in Australia with an array of vineyards spanning over 11,000 hectares. It is renowned for producing flavoursome and full bodied red wines – and has even earned an international reputation. Surrounded by low hills, warm valley floors in the summer and cold, wet winters, these diverse growing conditions all contribute to producing strong, exceptional wines. Add to this a unique combination of different soils, the region can produce different characteristics from the same grape variety within the same block of land.

Hunter Valley

It is widely known that the first vines planted in Australia were in the Hunter Valley over 200 years ago. Now boasting over 150 wineries, this area has become one of the top destinations to experience many different varieties of wine. Whether experiencing this region in the summer or winter months, its amazing views and sweeping valleys set the Hunter apart from the rest. The region north of Sydney has become the nation’s top maker of semillon and producer of shiraz, with an abundance of other vines that also flourish within the region. This can be seen in their eco-vineyard programs which are aimed at supporting grape growers to increase soil health and overall biodiversity.

Margaret River

Margaret River in Western Australia is one of the most remote wine regions, however, that doesn’t make its wine any less in quality. Totalling over 6,000 hectares of vineyards, the region is extremely fertile as it is influenced by the maritime climate, surrounded by westerly winds and lower daytime summer temperatures. This balance between the gentle climates and growing seasons makes chardonnay a classic to the region. The levels of ripeness produce natural acidities and an excellent balance of the grapes which gives Margaret River chardonnays the sweet citrus and aromatic flavours they are renowned for.


Nestled along the Limestone coast of South Australia, the Coonawarra region is an undiscovered area halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, known for producing a variety of wines such as cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc. Only 27km long, this region is unique due to its rich cigar-shaped strips of terra rossa soil that create a ridge for the vines to grow. The terra rossa soil is a light clay with a limestone base and allows for perfect water drainage and air to reach the roots of the vines, making the area ideal in its growing conditions. Due to the uniqueness of the soil, the vines that produce the grapes within the Coonawarra region have intense colours and come in a variety of fruit flavours. The production of fine tannins that arise from the cool climate of the region, alongside the soil, make the area renowned for high quality wines.

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