John Lewis Food Services & Festival.

John Lewis Food Services (JLFS) and Festival operate out of the same site in North Plympton.

JLFS handles foodservice distribution while Festival handles liquor distribution.

The branches are major supporters of local pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels. Our two teams have decades of experience servicing the foodservice industry and are ready to help you next.

Our branches are proud supporters of local producers like Beerenberg Udder delights yoghurt shop. We also are involved with local charities like the awesome Anglicare Roof Climb! Shoot us a message today.

Address: 65 Deeds Road, North Plympton SA

What we do.

Bidfood JLFS and Festival act as distributors and suppliers of wholesale products across several categories within the local foodservice market.

Wholesale food

Our customers have access to a wide range of wholesale food. Create flavoursome recipes and keep your customers coming back for more with our diverse range.

Wholesale meat

Customers can choose from primals or portions in both fresh and frozen options. Our proteins are all sourced by a team of meat experts.

Seafood wholesale

Sustainability and quality is the name of our seafood game. We supply a number of fantastic fresh and value-added seafood products.

Cleaning supplies

Keeping it clean is our forte. Enjoy a wide range of wholesale cleaning supplies that we can deliver all across.

Food packaging supplies

Food is always on-the-go! Choose the right food packaging and you’ll give your customers the best possible eating experience.

Wholesale alcohol

Our customers are creating memorable dining experiences by pairing fantastic alcoholic beverages with their core food dishes. Check out our brilliant range of liquor today!

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