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Create delightfully indulgent sweets and desserts.

Together Cadbury Chocolate and Pascall Marshmallows create delightfully exciting and indulgent sweets and desserts.

Cadbury Sienna and Tuscany buttons are ideal for moulding, enrobing, panning, dipping and ganaches, while Pascall Marshmallows add a sweet flavour to drinks and desserts alike.

Expertly created in Australia.

Cadbury and Pascall are crafted in Australia using locally sourced quality ingredients.

Cadbury Foodservice Chocolate is produced in Ringwood, Victoria and Pascall Marshmallows are proudly made in Scoresby, Victoria.

Delightful baking.

Whether it’s fluffy chocolate cupcakes topped with marshmallow pieces, crunchy chocolate cookies smothered with soft marshmallows or rich chocolatey rocky road packed with delicious marshmallows, Cadbury Chocolate and Pascall Marshmallows can delight your senses.

Warm up in winter with Cadbury.

Cadbury and Pascall are the perfect partners to warm you up in Winter.

Pair Cadbury Hot Chocolate, made using real melted chocolate, with Pascall Marshmallows for a delightful taste sensation.


Delightfully indulgent.

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