Choose the chip of champions.

Nothing disappoints the punters more than soggy, unappealing chips. In fact, it can bring down the whole dining experience! That’s why savvy chefs take no chances and insist on Edgell’s Supa Crunch® Ultrafast 10mm signature chip, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Superior taste, hold and crunch.

Edgell’s famous signature seasoned batter enhances the flavour of every Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm chip, delivering a delicious taste that keeps diners coming back for more.

With the takeaway and delivery channels showing no signs of slowing down, it’s essential that your chips retain their heat and crunch. The coating on Edgell Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm improves the chip’s texture to offer an incredible 30-minute hold time and ensure that you give customers that enviable crunch they crave!

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Premium plate presence.

Say yes to better yield, with Edgell Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm delivering more serves per carton than the uncoated equivalent. In fact, you can expect seven more serves per carton, giving you a clear price-per-serve benefit!

Australian-made quality.

As consumers look for more Aussie-made products, it’s great to know Edgell Supa Crunch is made from 100% Tasmanian potatoes. Our local farmers and high production standards ensure consistent year-round quality, so your customers are satisfied every time.

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Taste Australian-made produce.


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