Classic desserts, modern twists

When it comes to dessert, sometimes we like a little bit of nostalgia. A flip through any cookbook from the early or mid-20th century will reveal a bevy of retro desserts from tiramisu to trifle. 

While some of these sweet treats have been left in the dust, there is a sweeping global trend leading the charge of retro revival.

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Ooh la la

Customers are craving the classics but also demanding a modern twist that takes their tastebuds by surprise. It’s all about the perfect mix of contemporary savoury, smoked, spicy and sour flavours combined with the bases of dessert favourites.


Inspiration on how your dessert menu can join the revival.

aperol icecream sandwich

Aperol icecream sandwich

Everyone’s favourite summer cocktail is now a delicious dessert. Don’t let the sherbert fool you, this one’s for adults only. 


Yuzu gin and tonic tart

Combining the tart tastes of yuzu with the refreshing notes of a gin and tonic this is a must-have on your summer menu. 


Espresso martini cannoli

These hand held morsels are the perfect option when diners can’t decide between dessert or coffee after a main.  


Chilli & beetroot mud cake

The earthy tones of beetroot combined with chilli and chocolate makes for this decadent and unique dessert.


Pistachio and pandan tiramisu

Savoiradi biscuits separate layers of mascarpone whipped with prosecco, pandan syrup in this light and airy dessert. 


Lamington sour

Combining Davidson Plum gin, coconut and chocolate, this is the ultimate dessert cocktail. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself.

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