Unleash culinary creativity with Edgell® peas.

Welcome to a culinary journey where innovation meets simplicity. Introducing Edgell® peas – the chef’s secret weapon for elevating menus in pubs, clubs and catering alike. Embrace the ease of adapting to diverse menus, explore inventive dishes, and minimise wastage with Edgell® premium frozen peas.

Adaptability at its finest

Edgell® peas are the perfect canvas for culinary exploration. Chefs in pubs, clubs, catering and health and aged care love the versatility Edgell® peas bring to their kitchens. Whether crafting classic comfort foods or experimenting with contemporary menu ideas, peas are your trusted ally.

Green goodness for every dish

Infuse every meal with the vibrant green goodness of Edgell® peas. From salads to soups, stir-fries to side dishes, Edgell® peas add a burst of colour and nutrition, making every plate a celebration of freshness.

Convenience redefined

Edgell® peas are designed with busy kitchens in mind. Save time without compromising quality. No need to worry about shelling peas or dealing with unpredictable fresh produce – Edgell® frozen peas maintain their peak flavour and texture, ready to enhance any dish at a moment's notice.

Endless possibilities

Move over smashed avocado – it's time for smashed peas to shine! Edgell® peas provide a delightful twist to traditional dishes. Elevate your menu with vibrant, green goodness that not only tantalises the taste buds but also adds a nutritional boost to every meal.

Zero wastage, maximum flavour.

Say goodbye to wasteful practices. Edgell® peas are steam blanched frozen peas which enable you to use only what you need, keeping the rest safely stored in the freezer. It's a sustainable solution that ensures freshness and flavour, all while reducing unnecessary food waste.

David White's seal of approval

David White, Executive Chef at Simplot Australia, loves cooking with Edgell® peas:

“They are the perfect addition to some of my favourite dishes, like risotto or fritters, as they add a vibrant green colour, making the dish look fresh and appealing. The fact that they are IQF means I can use as much as I want and put the rest back in the freezer. This means no wastage and saves me time in prep!”

The power of frozen vegetables.

Why IQF vegetables? It’s simple – frozen vegetables lock in nutrients and flavour at their peak, preserving them until you’re ready to unleash their goodness. Edgell® peas bring the farm-fresh taste to your kitchen year-round, they are harvested young from Australian farms, steam blanched and snap frozen ensuring consistency and quality in every bite.


Experience the culinary revolution.

Edgell® peas help you elevate your dishes, minimise wastage and embrace the convenience of premium frozen peas. Welcome to a world where creativity knows no bounds and every meal is a masterpiece.