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Edgell Sweet Potato Chips.

Made using Australian grown sweet potatoes, Edgell 10mm Sweet Potato Chips feature tender traditional sweet potato, enhanced with a savoury flavour that offers a perfectly balanced sweet potato chip.

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Made for foodservice.

Sweet potato chips have long been a sure-fire hit in Australian foodservice venues, whether served as a takeaway treat, side dish, main meal component or snack. Edgell has taken the time to develop the very best sweet potato chip on the market – using only Aussie-grown sweet potatoes paired with Edgell’s world-class delivery style batter and seasoning.

A long hold.

Edgell Sweet Potato Chips boast a longer hold time than any comparable sweet potato product on the market. As sweet potatoes contain more moisture than regular potatoes, the hold time for sweet potato chips can often be lower than regular chips, but thanks to Edgell’s world-class delivery style batter your customers need never have a soggy sweet potato chip again!

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Simply delicious.

With their bright and appealing colour, crispy batter and perfect savoury seasoning, Edgell Sweet Potato Chips hit the flavour sweet spot, making them an ideal addition to the menu. Their 10mm cut delivers great yield along with all the flavour intensity of a thicker chip, while also ensuring quick cook time and excellent hold time and temperature retention.


Carefully crafted sweet potato chips.

Edgell subjected more than 80 varieties to rigorous selection criteria to find the perfect Aussie sweet potato in terms of shape, colour, flavour and processing suitability. Try it for yourself.

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