The compelling case for a more efficient kitchen.

As the pandemic rolls on, many casual dining venues have suffered skill shortages thanks to staff leaving the hospitality industry to pursue secure employment. For those who remain, the choice is simple: work harder or work smarter.

Making every employee hour count.

Most food venues have never suffered a skills shortage like the one we currently endure. In the latest Labour Force Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, unemployment fell to just 3.5%, suggesting it will be hard to attract staff for the foreseeable future.

The upshot is that we need to use our staff to our best advantage. This can mean upskilling and cross-skilling, so that we get more out of the staff we currently have.

But it also means making sure time-consuming jobs are minimised and your kitchen works as efficiently as possible.

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How Edgell bite-sized veggie mixes helps you work smarter.

Preparing raw ingredients is a labour-intensive activity for any kitchen. In recent times, high-quality convenience products have become available to make these tasks easier.

Edgell bite-sized vegetable mixes from Simplot Foodservice are the most recent addition to the clever kitchen’s armoury.

Every 1.5kg pack of these small-cut vegetables will save you roughly 22 minutes in preparation time and allow your staff to focus on the jobs that will really make a difference in and around the kitchen.

Leave the hard work to someone else.

“Some products save you time and some save you money, but it’s not often that you get a product like Edgell bite-sized vegetable mixes that does both,” says Simplot Australia Executive Chef, David White.

Featuring 10–15cm cuts, these delicious bite-sized veggies can be cooked straight from the freezer whenever they are needed.

“Better still,” says White, “kitchens enjoy a 100% yield from the pack. There is no waste compared with preparing veggies from scratch.”

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Taste Australian-made produce.

Elevate your menu with the flavour and versatility of Edgell bite-sized vegetable mixes. Shop online through myBidfood.


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