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Taste something sensational with Harvest Gourmet.

Harvest Gourmet is committed to creating delicious plant-based protein products that don’t compromise on nutrition, taste, or texture.

Brought to you by Nestlé Professional, a global and local team of experts, including food technologists, scientists, chefs and food service professionals. They’ve created a variety of plant-based products that are all high in protein, fibre and flavour.

With 42% of Australians actively reducing the intake of animal products in their diet, the plant-based trend is here to stay. So, let Harvest Gourmet show you how adding meat free to the menu can be simple and delicious.

Love at first bite.

The range.

Sensational™ Burger

113g patty

burger patty
Rich in protein from plants, this burger patty will meet the needs of your flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian diners without compromise. It cooks with the sizzle you’d expect from a delicious burger and is easily prepared from frozen, resulting in limited operational impact in the kitchen. High in plant-based protein and fibre, the Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger™ has 25% less sodium compared to a traditional beef burger and 48% less saturated fat [1]. With no artificial colours or flavours, it is the healthy plant-based option on your menu that diners will come back for.

Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces

2-5g piece


The latest addition to the range is the Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces, with a 5 health star rating. Made with simple ingredients such as apple puree, vegetable oils, onion, soy protein and garlic, these pieces are the perfect meat free addition to pizzas, wraps, curries, salads and more.

Ready to eat, the Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces only need to be heated for a few minutes and can be easily cooked from frozen, meaning you can create simple meat free dishes without the hassle. High in protein, fibre and flavour, these little pieces are so versatile and have endless menu possibilities.

Sensational Mince™

Coming February 2022

mince hg

Launching in 2022, the Sensational Mince™ has been developed by our global experts to behave in the same way as regular mince ensuring no impact on operations. Delivering on flavour and structure, you will be able to create anything from delicious vegan pastas, plantballs, pies, burritos and more with this one product.

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Plant-based proteins to be proud of.

We understand you don’t want to compromise the quality of your great tasting menu items by offering a meat free substitute. With HARVEST GOURMET® you don’t have to worry.


Taste it to believe it.

Experience the future of delicious plant-based proteins with Harvest Gourmet brought to you by Nestlé Professional. Shop the range online through myBidfood.


Plant-based proteins, don’t get left behind


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[1] Nestlé study on nutritional data (for patty only, does not include bun, fillings or sauce) based on the average of packaged beef burgers from a sample of Australian Supermarkets and Foodservice Distributors (2021).