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The all-day brekky is here to stay.

There’s something slightly indulgent about sitting down to a café breakfast at 2pm on a Sunday arvo. It’s this no-rules approach to weekends, and less formal work schedules that’s driving the latest café trend…all-day breakfast. 

Breakfast is big, but all-day breakfast is bigger and can deliver great profits, so getting onboard is good for business. It also keeps customers happy and eager to return for another lazy arvo.

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Hollandaise all day.

One major all-day brekky hassle is getting ingredients to last the distance. Remaking a hollandaise every few hours eats into your precious time and profits. Knorr Hollandaise Sauce is made with real egg yolks, for a great, authentic taste. It won’t split, is very fast to heat and serve and mixes well with other ingredients for creative, creamy sauces.

A sauce for breakfast and beyond.

Made with 100% cage free eggs for close-to-scratch taste. This versatile sauce can be used as a pour over sauce, as a dip, or as a base for delicious flavour mash-ups.

A gluten free Hollandaise that won’t split no matter how you flavour it.

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Make your breakfast go the distance.

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