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The healthier alternative to salt.

Season to Taste, Season with Sense

LoSalt® is a world leading reduced sodium salt.

With no flavour compromise it delivers two-thirds less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts. An aim of Australia’s National Preventative Health Strategy is to reduce the average population sodium intake by 30% by 2030 – making the switch to LoSalt makes strides in achieving this goal.

The range.

3kg Tub Isolated

3kg Drum


Sachets Isolated

1g Sachets x 1000


Low in salt doesn't mean low in flavour!

Take a look at LoSalt’s inspiring recipes to see how easy and versatile LoSalt is to use in cooking, seasoning and baking

Why we need to take action on salt.

“It’s vital that chefs think about the long term effects of their food and cooking as people put trust in their hands. Reducing sodium in foods can have real health benefits and show consumers you care”

– Gary Maclean, Scotland’s National Chef

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