High performance dairy, for high performance kitchens.

“Versatile and consistent, producing excellent results.” That’s the verdict from chef Al Brown after putting Westgold butter and cream through their professional paces. 

So, if performance counts in your kitchen – trust Westgold to add full flavours, smooth textures and consistent results, every time. 

By masters. For masters.

Westgold butter

Natural creamy taste

Milk from pasture-raised cows gives our butter a rich golden colour and a characteristic, creamy butter flavour that provides an unmistakable dairy richness to all dishes.

High performance

Westgold butter performs with excellence across all applications. It is extremely reliable and consistent and is proven to enhance the flavours of a dish.


Rich flavour

Westgold butter has a full-bodied flavour that tends to complement, enhance, or contrast with other ingredients just as it should, in a clean and unassuming way, rather than overpowering.

Westgold UHT cream

True cream flavour

Westgold UHT cream has a clean, ‘true’ flavour and mouthfeel, similar to fresh cream, creating an excellent flavour balance across all applications. 



Where some brands require a whipping cream and a cooking cream to be on hand in a kitchen, Westgold UHT cream will perform well across all functions. 


Exceptional performance

Performs well in emulsifications, has excellent stability across hot and cold items, and in combination with acids. A consistent and reliable product, Westgold UHT also delivers a smooth texture. 


From a lush source, for the smoothest operators.

Try Westgold butter and cream today.


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