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Create delightfully indulgent sweets and desserts.

Cadbury Chocolate and Philadelphia Cream Cheese are the perfect partners to create delightfully exciting and indulgent sweets and desserts.

Cadbury Sienna and Tuscany buttons are ideal for moulding, enrobing, panning, dipping and ganaches, while Philadelphia Cream Cheese has endless versatility.

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Expertly created in Australia.

Cadbury and Philadelphia are crafted right here in Australia, using locally sourced quality ingredients.

Cadbury foodservice chocolate is produced in Ringwood, Victoria and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is proudly crafted in South Australia from Australian sourced fresh milk and cream.

Delightful entertaining.

Philadelphia’s signature taste – the mix of freshness and creaminess – surprises you and awakens your senses, to help you fully appreciate that moment in your day.

The obvious choice when it comes to cheesecakes and other indulgent, creamy desserts, Philadelphia’s irresistible creamy taste and texture delivers every time and is perfectly partnered with Cadbury Chocolate.

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Flavour up with Philadelphia.

You may not know it, but there’s so much more to Philadelphia than cheesecakes. Flavour up your snacks and meals with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

From risotto or pizza to sandwich fillings and salad dressings, Philadelphia can be used at any meal occasion to flavour up your dish.


Delightfully indulgent.

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