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Why your business needs a Stacker.

Primo Stackers are the delicious deli snack combining deli meats, cheese and crackers in a convenient on-the-go pack.

Packed full of flavour the range includes salami, ham and chorizo. 

Stackers are the perfect addition to any front of store snacking option, disrupting and delighting on the path to purchase.

In and out of home snacking experience.

The Stackers range was launched in 2019 in a move that saw Primo expand from being solely a smallgoods producer into the cheese snacking category with huge success driven by a strong & growing consumer desire for protein-based snacking options. Boasting no artificial colours, flavours and a source of protein, the Primo Stacker continues to prove it’s a great in and OUT of home snacking experience.

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Everyday moments.

In developing the stackers range, Amy Hiscock, marketing director, Primo Foods, notes “This campaign is another step on our journey to elevate Primo from a leading smallgoods manufacturer to an iconic and loved food brand. We’re continuing to build an emotional connection with customers through our snacking range which brings the fun and deliciousness of the deli into more everyday moments.”

The ultimate snack anytime.

The delicious snack is there for the on-the-go commuter on their way home from work, the parent picking up the kids after school and the on-the-go weekender who is on the road. Primo Stackers can be the ultimate snack anytime, anywhere! The Stackers are a perfect fit to drive your snacking and impulse sales.

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