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Bounty Premium.

Exceptional flavour and tenderness

Bounty Premium is part of Bidfood’s exclusive family of brands.

Bounty Premium’s quality standards ensure the exceptional consistency, flavour and tenderness of its grain fed beef.

Sustainably sourced

Bounty Premium cattle are raised on the lush New England high country clover and rye grass pastures in north eastern New South Wales. The cattle are then finished at the famous Myola Feedlot, a state-of-the-art facility.


It is due to the relationship between our people, our land and our cattle that the beef we produce can belong in the company of the best beef in the world.


The creation of fine grain fed beef is a unique process; it is both an art form and a science. Premium eating quality beef is dependent upon the land from which the cattle have come from, the weather and soil, the breeds of cattle, and then how the product has been graded and aged.

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What’s in the range?

Beef inside cap off

Beef tenderloin

Beef striploin

Beef rump

Beef OP rib

Beef cube roll

Beef brisket

Beef bolar blade

Beef knuckle

Beef short rib

Beef eye round

Beef topside

Beef short loin

Beef chuck roll

Beefy reads.

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Bounty Premium grain fed beef


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