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Little Things.

Fill up your cup

Little Things is part of Bidfood’s exclusive family of brands.

Little Things introduces a creative range of alternative milks. Great tasting and barista-friendly, the range includes different milk varieties to suit many diets and lifestyles – so anyone can enjoy the little things in life.


Little Things plant milks are 100% vegan and dairy free. With options to suit various dietary requirements, the range includes options that are gluten free, nut free, soy free or have no added sugar.

GMO Free

Little Things celebrates the power of nature, with unaltered ingredients and modifications, for a trustworthy purchase that you can feel great about serving to customers.


Achieve perfectly steamed and frothed milk for coffee with the carefully mastered texture and consistency of Little Things milk.

Take a look for yourself.

What’s in the range?

Almond milk

Soy milk

Oat milk

Take notice of the Little Things.

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Little Things
plant-based milk range

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More than just milk.

Make milk not-so-regular. Shop online with myBidfood and order Little Things today.