Scams & Alerts.

6 July 2021

Fake liquor specials are being promoted via email with content including the Bidfood logo.

It is sent from a non-Bidfood email address of [email protected] falsely claiming to be Ross Lowe, a Regional Sales Manager who is not an employee of Bidfood.

Please ignore any attempts from this scam and as always, shop through myBidfood or your dedicated Bidfood Sales Representative. 

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8 February 2021

An email scam targeting hospitality venues has been circulating. The email content includes the Bidfood logo and promotes fake liquor specials. It is sent from a non-Bidfood email address of [email protected] or [email protected] and references a Regional Sales Manager named Mark Hewitt who is not an employee of Bidfood.

There is also a non-Bidfood number 1300 639 833 which is falsly asking Bidfood customers to claim loyalty prizes in a short window. Please ignore and report these calls. Loyalty is claimed online through myBidfood and not over the phone.

The scam aims to initiate an order of the liquor stock from the recipient. When an order is placed, a fake Bidfood invoice with details of a non-Bidfood account is sent.

If you are unsure as to the authenticity of any communications received, please contact your local Bidfood team.

Scam pic
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