SPC ProVital.

We all know it is important to have access to healthy foods but what happens when mobility concerns inhibit the ability to open most food packages? Packaging that is hard to open presents a number of barriers to the consumer but particularly those with a disability and the ageing population who may experience issues with reduced dexterity and strength. Inability to open a food container can result in waste and of great risk when consumers are unable to adequately open the packaging and decide to use a knife, scissors or other tools to access the food inside the container. This can lead to injuries, frustration and spillage, and greatly impact the nutrition of the user.

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SPC ProVital provides a food packaging solution to increase access to good nutrition, reduce frustration and ensure independence through its award-winning, single-serve cup design. Developed in collaboration with Arthritis Australia’s Accessible Design Division and in conjunction with HealthShare NSW, the SPC ProVital cup design incorporates several key design features including:

  • Textured and lengthened pull tab for easier grip
  • Optimised seal to reduce opening force
  • Decagonal-shaped, ridged cup which easily fits in the hand
  • Extra large font for improved legibility

Available in both Diced Fruit and IDDSI Level 4 pureed varieties, SPC ProVital is proud to utilise Australian-grown fruit, grown in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Perfect for use in hospitals, aged care facilities and at-home. SPC ProVital also provides 1 serve of fruit as per healthcare guidelines.

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