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Summer Recipe Collection

Food is the way to our heart and recipes are our gateway to creativity. To kick start 2021, we have compiled some of our favourite summer recipes for you to freshen up your summer menu. 


Heathly Sweet Potato & Chickpea Vegan Burger

There’s been a lot of talk about vegan burgers that taste like meat. Even vegan burgers that ‘bleed’ beetroot extract. Customers, however, are pushing back after talk about the whopping amounts of trans fat, GMO ingredients and loads of salt in these products. So here is a recipe for a great tasting vegan burger made with 100% real ingredients such as sweet potatoes and chickpeas. It’s healthy, honest and delicious.
view the recipe here

sweet potato burger.jpg

Lobster and Caviar Linguine with a Light Creamy Prosecco and Lemon Sauce

A summer seafood treat! Light a creamy this pasta dish does not dissapoint, pair with your favourite glass of white. 
view the recipe here

prawn pasta.jpg

Miso Cod

This is a variation on a dish made famous by US-based Japanese chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. For centuries, the Japanese have preserved fish under sake lees, but it took Nobu to turn it into an international hit nearly 25 years ago. Sweet, but packed with umami from the miso, mirin and soy sauce. This delicious and slightly sticky fish dish is perfect with cod, or any other meaty white fish such as rock ling or Patagonian tooth-fish. The secret is to make sure the grill is hot, and in doing so you have the perfect entrée or light meal.
view the recipe here

miso cod.jpg

Pizza Napoletana Tricolore 

​​​​​Pizza is all about the base and to get the base right you need to use the right flour. There is one flour that is made for pizza and that is tipo 00. This is a very fine Italian flour that has been specially milled to make really elastic dough and a crisp crust. Pizza is a true crowd pleaser and a dish that’s cost effective to make. This is a recipe from experts in Italy and is all about the correct amount of water and salt for the Naples-style base. It’s a simple recipe, perfect for spring, but it needs a really hot oven.
view the recipe here


Barramundi in Golden Broth with Soba

Barramundi is quickly becoming Australia’s national fish. Wonderfully healthy and filleted bone free, it is incredibly versatile and loves a hot BBQ, oven, steamer, and even the curry pot. This dish sees the fish cooked with light Asian spices, a rich, golden chicken broth and a filling layer of soba noodles.
view the recipe here


Sake Beef Rice Bowl

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice. The varieties, variabilities and nuances like wine are vast and complex. For the purposes of this dish a robust mid-range sake will be perfect. While adding a more complex flavour to your beef, the sake will also serve to tenderise the meat.
view the recipe here

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