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Winter 2021

The ultimate guide to what’s hot in the culinary scene.


Boozy kombucha

A healthy balanced lifestyle continues to be a focus. Whether this be reaching for low-calorie or even alcohol-free spirits, consumers continue to find ways to enjoy a cheeky beverage. The ever-growing popularity of the fermented drink known as kombucha has once again changed the game by gaining major influence in the liquor industry. And so, the ‘boozy kombucha’ was born. We are seeing bartenders reinvent classics like the mojito or margarita to align with health-focused millennials who want to enjoy a beverage without the added guilt from preservatives or high sugar.


Quick, comforting and extra cheesy – toasties can be enjoyed on-the-go or accompanied by a warm drink. We see big things happening for toasties this winter, some could even say they are the holy grail of the snack world. From the classic ham, cheese and tomato to the ultimate four-cheese meatlovers jaffle, the possibilities are limitless.

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Order up

2020 saw a shift in the way foodservice operated. COVID-safe plans were created to keep hospitality staff in jobs and customers returning for more, while trying to stop the spread of the virus. Little did we realise how the convenience of table ordering and digital menus would change the whole experience of dining out. Customers have the ability to order through QR codes, where they can scroll menus and order when ready. Some digital systems have even integrated in-app/online payment limiting the need for split bills or one bill per table. This digital style of ordering is here to stay and we are going to see more technology popping up throughout the rest of this year.

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Brown sugar

Pretty pastries

From recipes passed down through generations to the extravagant array of ‘Instagram-ready’ desserts, pastries have come a long way. Muffins, doughnuts, croissants and so many more have evolved with taste and convenience. This season we are seeing a push for delicious baked goods where quality has not been compromised. Look out for crème brûlée doughnuts with a shattering, crunchy top or jam filled doughnuts coated with brown sugar and cinnamon.

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Passport for food

The closure of international borders saw many Australians disappointed as the cancellation of their much awaited overseas holiday sunk in. A year on, restaurants are getting back on their feet and keen travellers across the country are substituting their 2020 Euro trip with with dining out on the likes of traditional bolognese, garlic snails or even baklava.

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Laneway seating

Laneways are where eager diners go to socialise, eat great food and most importantly snap a pic for Instagram. Let’s be real, did you really go to a laneway restaurant if you didn’t post about it? Although COVID dining restrictions are comfortably easing nationwide, outdoor dining has continued to boom as cafés, restaurants and pubs find more ways to increase dining numbers by adding extra seating. As most laneway venues have minimal indoor seating, the outdoor space not only adds value to social distancing when required, but allows customers to have a personal experience by soaking up the environment surrounding them.


Filipino cuisine

Filipino food has circulated in countries such as
the USA for some time. Now the hybrid of Spanish and South American flavours is looking to take over the Aussie street eat scene. It’s the combination of familiar flavours with a twist that has caught the attention of foodies.

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the kids menu

Some could say millennial parents are raising a generation of little foodies, with kids reaching for California rolls or avocado toast over the menu favourites like fish and chips. We are seeing kids menus reinvented to include more variety, from organic chicken nuggets, sushi to even poke bowls.


One to watch:

Chef masterclass

The Food Network is out and one-on-one Zoom masterclasses are in!

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Dessert-erie boards

Move over charcuterie, dessert boards are in this season! Winter is all about comfort food and indulging a little more than usual. Dessert boards are taking over menus and catering events with their colourful array of sweet treats, accompanied with a glass of bubbles. Keep your eyes peeled, we’re about to see some show-stopping dessert menus this winter.

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