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It’s one way restaurants were forced to pivot during lockdown restrictions and now it’s here to stay. Pop-up picnics are set to continue to rise in popularity, especially during the summer months when Australians spend most of their time outdoors. Whether it be a hamper filled with fresh bread, salume, local cheese and antipasto with a paired bottle of wine, or an insta-worthy set up of Middle Eastern rugs, big cushions, beautiful crockery and glassware with an exclusive share style menu – pop-up picnics are going to be the ultimate summer dining experience that everyone will want to be a part of.
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We turned up the heat in 2021 and things aren’t cooling down any time soon! Spicy margaritas, jerk and flaming hot BBQ chicken, Sichuan salt and pepper squid and XO are just some of the spicy food and drinks that will be gracing menus around the country. Can you handle the heat?


Many Australians made it through lockdown by indulging in the finer things of life at home. With things finally returning to normalcy, consumers are ready to rebound and make up for lost time with 40% of Australians looking forward to spending on dining out and entertainment. Now used to a little luxury, we’re seeing people searching for the same experience when dining out. From ordering prime cut meat such as tomahawk and OP rib to fresh caught oysters and high-quality seafood – even top shelf wines and spirits.
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A signature cocktail is an original drink that expresses the nature of the establishment creating it. Often incorporating local ingredients and culture, it’s one way to offer a unique point of difference. Expect to see more signature cocktails on drink menus in the new year.
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FOMO is real, especially in this day and age. The idea of something that is exclusive and only around for a short period grabs the attention of diners and is effective in driving high customer traffic. A successful limited time offer comes down to creativity, timing and the right price. Expect to see more limited time offers on menus in 2022!


Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting the chef order for you and it’s one way of dining we expect to see making waves in 2022! Literally meaning “I will leave it to you”, it’s a popular way of dining in Japanese culture. It allows the chef more creative freedom to curate a memorable dining experience for the customer. As the nation begins to fully reopen, diners are hungry for new and exciting dining experiences. Remember fresh is best when it comes to omakase – think daily fish and in season fresh produce.

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Whether it’s starting the day with a delicious creamy crab omelette or enjoying a crispy soft shell crab roll with a zesty sauce and perfectly paired dry white wine – diners are going crazy for crab! This is one trend you’ll want to include on your breakfast and all-day menus.


While rosé is the wine of summer, keep an eye on this amber-hued drop as we move towards autumn. Orange wine is crafted from white wine grapes whose skins are left on for longer during the fermenting process. These skins provide a bit of oomph to the wine and are also what gives it a beautiful marmalade shade.
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It’s the hottest trend in Mexican cuisine that will have everyone taco-ing in 2022. Birria tacos are made from a savoury Mexican stew that perfectly combines sweet, savoury and sour flavours, stuffed into a tortilla. The stuffed tortilla is then coated in that same stew and fried. This heavenly dish is one to definitely get people talking!


Hailing from Japan, mochi were traditionally eaten as a part of religious or cultural festivals. Rising in popularity thanks to Gen-Z, they are now common day sweet snacks filled with everything from fruit to ice cream. Keep an eye out for more mochi mash ups in 2022.
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With its refreshing character and immune-boosting benefits, citrus is going to be the superstar of summer beverages!



In line with the spicy foods trend is this popular condiment from Hong Kong. Made up of dried scallops, dried shrimp, chilli and various other ingredients, XO sauce is popping up on more and more modern menus. 2022, the year of XO sauce. Delicious!

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