World Nutella® Day is coming.

Our favourite day of the year is coming. World Nutella® Day is on the 5th Feb 2023.

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World Nutella® Day was started by those who love Nutella®!

World Nutella® day isn’t just our favourite day because we love Nutella® but because we get to celebrate with you!

How are you celebrating?

Special menu items are a great way to celebrate World Nutella® Day. Get your customers excited with pancake breakfasts with Nutella®, wonderful waffles with Nutella®, crepes with Nutella®, Acai with Nutella® or anything you can think of!

Sweet banquet Nutella

Promote on your social media platforms! Post pictures of your upcoming dishes to entice your customers to celebrate with you and don’t forget to mention @nutellafoodservice for your chance to be featured on their social media platforms! 

apple pie waffles with nutella 1920x1280 1

Apple pie waffles with Nutella®️

This fusion is a dream and perfect addition to your menu! Cinnamon apple pie and fluffy waffles paired with your customers’ favourite: Nutella®️

recipe nutella hero 1

Nutella®️ roll

Lovers of donuts and muffins, rejoice! This Nutella®️ roll is a creation of pure magic. Perfect for snacking, dessert or even a sweet breakfast.

Nutella blog feat 1

Japanese soufflé pancakes with Nutella®️

A combination of freshness provided from berries with a touch of Nutella®️, all stacked neatly on a tower of soufflé pancakes.


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