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It is not too strong a statement to say that everyone loves a good schnitty! The humble chicken schnitzel has transcended its European origins to become an Aussie classic - one that has won hearts and palates across the country. A timeless favourite that's loved for its golden, crispy exterior, giving way to juicy tender chicken breast and encompassing everything that good food should be - delicious simplicity and a symphony that belies its component parts.

Depending on where you are on the planet, the origin story of the schnitzel is hotly contested, but likely goes something like this…. While many believe its origins are German (and without a doubt the Germans have a firm grip on that version) it must be noted that the Italians also fervently believe that the origin of fried breaded meat lies in their history. Unfortunately for the Germans, they can back this bullish claim up with written evidence from Apicius, the Roman cookbook writer of the first century, who wrote of a dish ‘lumbolo cum panitio’ which generally translates into ‘little chops with breadcrumbs’ – very similar to the ‘Cotoletta alla Milanese’ of today. The most likely version of history is that the Romans took the dish north to Germania where it was adopted and adapted to become the weiner schnitzel that is so loved across Austria, Germany and Hungary. So far in the story these schnitzels are all made with veal or pork, so when did the chicken happen? Likely answer – in Israel. After the war when European migrants settled in Israel (bringing with them the tradition of schnitzel), they found veal wasn’t widely available so chicken became the substitute. Fast forward a few decades, turns out this ‘needs must’ version was not just a substitution but an evolution, and an exponentially popular one. A true moment of adaptive global culinary diversity.

The traditional method for preparing chicken schnitzel involves tenderising the meat, coating it in flour, then egg and finishing with a coating of seasoned breadcrumbs before frying it to golden perfection. This method is bulletproof, yielding a crispy exterior that gives way to juicy and flavourful chicken. Farmyard Chicken has taken the work out of serving a perfect schnitzel on repeat, while taking pre-prepared chicken schnitzel to the next level. Ethically sourced from Australian farms, there’s no compromise on quality. Each schnitzel is made from 100% natural hand-cut chicken breast, coated with a delicious chunky panko crumb for extra crunch. Individual portions are quick-frozen (IQF) to optimise shelf life, make portion control simple and give a consistent, reliable cook (straight from frozen to the deep fryer or oven). With a range of portion sizes (140g [214605], 200g [214606], 250g [214607]) to suit all purposes from burgers and sandos, to generous centre-of-plate serves.

Speaking of serving suggestions, we all know you live for a chicken parmy, but it’s time to acknowledge there are more dimensions to the chicken schnitzel universe – especially if you channel cultural adaptations (of which there are many from Egypt to Japan and beyond), it is truly the chameleon of the culinary world. Here’s some of our top serving suggestions, just to get you rolling….

1. Katsu style

Farmyard Chicken schnitzel blog katsu 800x500 1

Ever tried a schnitzel with a Japanese twist? Golden crispy slices of chicken with a drizzle of Japanese curry sauce, then must-have Kewpie mayo, some sweet potato crisps and a salad of Asian leaves (shiso, mizuna, watercress and the like) with a miso and lemon dressing. And why not make it a party with a little pickled ginger and some toasted sesame seeds. 

2. German style

Farmyard Chicken schnitzel blog spaetzle 800x500 1

Simple and hearty! Served with pickled onions, fresh späetzle (a German egg noodle pasta with a chewy, dumpling-like texture), brown sage butter and caramelised lemon.

3. The ultimate sando

Farmyard Chicken schnitzel blog sando 800x500 1

Is it a burger or a sandwich? Who cares when it’s a crispy schnitzel between two hunks of butter fried bread on a bed of crunchy iceberg, embraced by mushroom XO, mayo, alguashte, chives and golden grilled cheese. A sandwich spectacular.

4. Mediterranean yiros bowl

Farmyard Chicken schnitzel blog yiros 800x500 1

Maybe you’d prefer to transport yourself to the Mediterranean with some yiros bliss that Zorba would be proud of. Golden schnitzel dancing with feta tzatziki, lemon, pide, sun ripened tomatoes on a bed of crisp lettuce, with lots of lemon. Opa!

5. Indulgent bolognese parmagiana

Farmyard Chicken schnitzel blog bolognese parmi 800x500 1

Not to be forgotten, the parmy remix – a tribute to the parmy army. Level up with some hand cut beef bolognese, topped with a veil of melted fresh mozzarella and serve with a bunch of oven-roasted chilli cherry tomatoes. Throw in some crusty bread for mopping up this saucy masterpiece and you’re onto a winner.

There is no doubt, whether you’re savouring this crispy crumbed deliciousness in a classic pub setting or embarking on a global culinary adventure, there’s a schnitzel sensation waiting for everyone. Let the schnitzel symphony begin with high quality Farmyard Chicken schnitzels. Cheers to the golden goodness!

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